NEW Item Puppet Curtain

We are EXCITED about all the new things that we will be making available over the next few weeks!

One of the most thrilling items that we are now offering are 

These custom made curtains are perfect for little one's imaginations! Add a sock puppet or two and you've got the perfect gift.

Each curtain is made to be hung with a tension rod in a doorway, making it perfect for showtime anytime of the day! Your littles will LOVE putting on a production (or 10) for you and you will LOVE seeing their imaginations soar. 

Each curtain can be folded up to transport right along with you wherever you go, perfect for those times when the show needs to go to Grandma's house for the night!

With your custom order, you will receive ONE curtain measuring almost 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Each one comes with two curtains that can be tied back with ribbon or keep them closed until its time to start the show! The bottom part of the window opening has a small wooden rod (that can be removed) in between the fabric.  These curtains are being held up via a tension rod. The tension rod is NOT included in your purchase. When ordering please include your choice of colors for the main fabric and the curtain fabric. Prior to completing your order we will send you a photo of the fabric that we think best matches your request to confirm that it is perfect for you! 

We look forward to making one of these for you! Note: The curtains shown in the above photos are NOT available for purchase. We can make ones very similar but the ones shown are already sold! 

Our turn around time is three weeks for each curtain so make sure to order with that in mind for that perfect birthday or "just because" gift! 


 1 Custom made puppet theatre curtain: $25


1 Custom made curtain + TWO sock puppets of our choice: $35
1 Custom made curtain + FIVE finger puppets of our choice: $28

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