W O O D L A N D Valentines Buddy Finger Puppets

VALENTINES DAY is just around the corner! We have the perfect little bundle to gift to your little one instead of giving them chocolate this year...

This adorable set will include 5 of these woodland creatures, perfect for this time of year! Each little finger puppet is handmade, hand stitched, and one-of-a-kind


5 finger puppets/$7

DEAL: 30 finger puppets/ $30 (PERFECT for 
teachers, Grandmas, etc...)

CUSTOM ORDER ONLY, must order by Feb 6. 

We also have Valentines Day Headbands, Click here to check out all of our available fabrics!

Valentines BOWS too!! Click here for more. 

Click HERE for our order form or see the tab at the top of the webpage. 

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